8 Axis 5KG Agricultural dron Spraying unmanned RC drone empty carbon fiber frame Mist Agriculture Machine Agricultural UAV8 Axis 5KG Agricultural dron Spraying unmanned RC drone empty carbon fiber frame Mist Agriculture Machine Agricultural UAV8 Axis 5KG Agricultural dron Spraying unmanned RC drone empty carbon fiber frame Mist Agriculture Machine Agricultural UAV8 Axis 5KG Agricultural dron Spraying unmanned RC drone empty carbon fiber frame Mist Agriculture Machine Agricultural UAV8 Axis 5KG Agricultural dron Spraying unmanned RC drone empty carbon fiber frame Mist Agriculture Machine Agricultural UAV

8 Axis 5KG Agricultural dron Spraying unmanned RC drone empty carbon fiber frame Mist Agriculture Machine Agricultural UAV

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High performance 5008 motor * 8 high-pressure plate high-performance 50A 6S ESC * 8 20A quick charger * 1 small charger: * 1 Intelligent Flight Control * 1 22.2V 16000MAH Battery * 2 Carbon fiber paddle * 4 for remote control * 1 Folded sealed eight-axis rack * 1 Spray device * 1 Spray control module * 1 Remote control battery * 1 8-axis folding plant protection UAV technical parameters: Full take-off weight: 15KG Maximum take-off weight: 20KG No-load take-off weight: 10KG Load: 5KG Wheelbase: 1300mm No-load life time: 30 minutes Fully loaded Life time: 12 minutes Charging time: 30 minutes Out of water: 1.6L / min Spraying time: 6 minutes Spray width: 5 meters Maximum flight speed: 10M / S Operating flight speed: 6M / S Folding aircraft size: 900mm * 800mm * 700mm

8-axis 5 KG Agricole protection Drone multi-axe agricole

Agricole protection UAV Pour Saupoudrer pesticides

numéro de produit TYI8-5 nom du produit 8 axe 10 KG
pliant Aéronefs Dimensions 820mm * 600mm * 750mm produit empattement 1.1 m
plein décollage poids 14.2 KG Maximum prendre-off poids 18 KG
Sans charge prendre-off poids 9.2 KG charge 5 KG
sans charge temps Mort 15 min temps de travail 7 min
temps de charge 30 min hors de l’eau 1.0L/min
temps de pulvérisation 5 min largeur de pulvérisation 1.0L/min
Maximum vitesse de vol 10 m/s vol opérationnel vitesse 4-6 m/s
vol mode fonction de contrôle intelligent: GPS fonction, attitude mode, mode manuel, une clé décollage, un d’atterrissage principaux, fixe-point haute, hors de contrôle retour, cap lock et d’autres fonctions
indicateurs techniques
dimension physique
vol taille 4-axis 8-axis empattement 1310mm
transport État Taille 700*700*650mm
le plan poids
(avec batterie)
10 KG
hélice 1855
dynamique paramètres
moteur type 5010
KV 340
force de traction maximale 5 KG
ESC tension 24 V
Maximum courant de fonctionnement 50A
paramètres de vol
vitesse de fonctionnement 4-6 m/s
Maximum vitesse de vol 10 m/s
charge maximale 10 KG
charge utile 5 KG
plein décollage poids 15 KG
pleine charge hover temps 8 min
Sans charge durée de vie 15 min
résistance maximale du vent 6 vents
batterie 6 S 16000 MAH
température de fonctionnement 0-40 ℃
système de pulvérisation
pulvérisation capacité du réservoir 5 KG
pompe à eau pompe à membrane
pulvérisation large 4-6 m
type de pulvérisation la pression du ventilateur buse
nombre de buses 2
pulvérisation flux 1-2L/min débit réglable
Système de contrôle
télécommande distance < = 2000 m
fréquence de Transmission 2.4G
interface de contrôle écran tactile à écran plat ordinateur
panneau de contrôle fonction 1, peut stocker des centaines de milliers de itinéraires de vol,
2, automatiquement calculer des zones d’épandage,
3, wifi fonction,
4, carte mémoire externe,
5, le monde peut utiliser plusieurs aéronefs,
6, gauche et main droite un interrupteur à clé,
7, d’urgence rapide prendre sur la artificielle,
8, surveillance en temps réel des voies aériennes, des,
9, peut être fermé à tout moment route,
10, une clé décollage
mode de vol manuel vol, tous-autonomes intelligents route vol
l’accessibilité ultrasons hauteur
surveillance du trafic en temps réel vocales flux, débit, éteindre la fluidité de la circulation
enregistreur de vol 40 minute noir boîte vol enregistrement de données
fonction de protection un retour touche
de positionnement Global de positionnement Global, surveillance en temps réel des opérations avions, en ligne mises à jour logicielles

With GPS positioning system, automatic spraying system, route planning autonomous flight system, automatic return system Plant Protection Unmanned Aerial Vehicle China as a big agricultural country, 18 million mu of basic farmland, the annual need for a large number of agricultural plant protection operations, the number of pesticide poisoning every year there are 10 million people, the death rate of about 20%. Pesticide residues and pollution caused by the number of deaths has not yet official statistics, presumably is a staggering figure. Plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle service agriculture in Japan, the United States and other developed countries have been rapid development. In 1990, the Japanese mountain leaves the first company to launch the world’s first unmanned aerial vehicles, mainly for spraying pesticides. South China’s first application of pesticide spraying in rice growing areas. Plant protection UAV with low operating altitude, drift less, can hang in the air, without special landing airport, rotor generated downward airflow helps to increase the penetration of fog on crops, high control effect, long-range remote control operation , Spraying operators to avoid the danger of close to pesticides, spraying operations to improve the safety and many other advantages. Can load 5 kg of pesticides, spraying pesticides at low altitude, per minute to complete an acre of land operations. Its spraying efficiency is 30 times of the traditional manual. The aircraft using intelligent control, the operator through the ground remote control and GPS positioning its control, the rotor of the downward airflow helps to increase the penetration of the spray on the crop, good control effect, while remote manipulation of spraying Greatly improving the safety of pesticide spraying. But also by carrying video devices, such as real-time monitoring of agricultural pests and diseases. Plant protection machine Detailed parameters: Airplane size: 750mm * 600mm * 550mm Payload: 0-5kg (Pesticide) Full take-off weight: 12kg Flight time: 12 minutes (5kg takeoff) Spray speed: 1.68 liters / min Spray width: 4 meters Flight speed: 6 m / s (operating speed) Spraying efficiency: 1mu / 1min (flight speed 6m / s) 1. Using high-performance brushless motor as power.Vibration of the fuselage can be equipped with precision instruments, spraying pesticides and more precise; 2. Low terrain requirements, operating from altitude restrictions, in Tibet, Xinjiang and other high altitude areas can also be operating; 3. Take-off adjustment is short, high efficiency, high attendance; 4. Environmental protection, no emissions, in line with national energy-saving environmental protection and green organic agriculture development requirements; 5 easy to maintain, use, maintenance costs low; 6. The overall size is small, light weight, folding, easy to carry; 7. To provide a dedicated gun rotor machine charging system, 25 minutes to full, for continuous operation to provide a reliable power supply protection. 8. Semi-autonomous take-off and landing, switch to the attitude mode or GPS attitude mode, simply manipulate the throttle lever can easily operate the rotorcraft smooth landing. 9 out of control protection, gyroplane in the loss of remote control signals can automatically hover in place, waiting for the signal recovery. 10 body posture automatic balance, rocker corresponding body posture, the largest posture tilt 45? 0? 8, suitable for smart big maneuver flight action. 11. GPS gesture mode (the standard version does not have this feature can be obtained through the upgrade), precise positioning and high degree of lock, even in windy weather, hovering accuracy will not be affected.

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